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Shelly Hamler is the owner and sole operator of Counting Shells, LLC. Shelly is a professional with years of experience and expertise in small business bookkeeping, recruiting, marketing, sales, human resources, employee management, and much more.

Shelly has an undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Psychology, and a Master's degree in Teaching. Her education and experience as a teacher enables her to manage human resources and process improvements with a unique approach. Shelly has many years of experience working in a wide range of industries, from Education to Service to Transportation. Before starting her own business she helped to run a small transportation business by managing the human resource, accounting, and operations departments.

Shelly and her husband, Scott, welcomed their first child in March of 2017. Motherhood has vitalized Shelly and given her the strength and vision needed to pursue her dreams. This, along with her professional experience and ability to wear a number of different hats, has allowed her to fulfill her life time dreams of owning her own business. 

Outside of Counting Shells, Shelly stays very busy. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, spending time with her new family of three, and making art. Shelly's entrepreneurial spirit also lead her to sell her art. She specializes in creating teething necklaces and toys for babies and their mothers. 

To learn more about Shelly just click the link below. She cannot wait to meet you!

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