• Shelly Hamler


First things first. I would like to be upfront and start you off with a warning! I am by no means a writer. I guess technically speaking, since here I am writing, but I have no professional writing experience. I don't have a well developed voice or interesting vocabulary. No one has ever expressed to me that I am good with words or suggest that I become an author. In actuality, I wasn't even a good reader until later in life and it was years after that before I started to enjoy reading at all.

All of that to say, please take it easy on me. Forgive me for my overuse of basic words like but and so and I. Try to ignore my run on sentences, my misused punctuation, my repetitive sentence structure, and my use of exclamation points! I just can't help it!

My words are only here on this page because over the years, I found that people had an interest in my story. Friends wanted to know more about becoming a bookkeeper and starting a business. Other moms reached out to me to learn more about how they too could make a living and raise their children without having to choose one over the other. This blog is simply to share my story and to share some of my insights into starting and running a bookkeeping business. I want it to be a safe place for me to share the woes of being a mompreneur and hopefully give other moms a sense of camaraderie and support.

If this blog touches just one soul I will be happy. If I gave just one person the confidence and knowledge to start their own business or feel like they are not alone in their pursuits, I will consider my mission successful!

Cheers to trying new things!


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